Sunday, March 08, 2009

11 Months

It is so crazy to think that Madelin is 11 months old. It really seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital!!!! In reality, we are making plans for her 1st Birthday Party!!

This picture was taken yesterday at Bellevue State Park in Delaware. We met the Cronauer's there for an afternoon outside. The weather was beautiful. We LOVED this park and plan to visit it often with the warm weather coming soon.

Madelin and Ben enjoyed swinging by each other. Madelin LOVES the swing! We all enjoyed the park. Michaela and Natalie took off holding hands playing in the park. Mike and Matt kept an eye on them while Joy and I sat at a table with our strollers facing each other so Ben and Madelin could hang out. They kept reaching out to hold each other's hands...very cute! Jake and Andrew, Mike and Joy's oldest two, rode their bikes, hung out, and helped with the kids. We ALL enjoyed the Fresh Air!!!

Some Notes About Madelin and what she is doing now:

  • She pretends to talk on the phone. She will hold it up to her ear and very loudly say, "MOM."
  • Today, I saw her hold the phone up to Bear's was so cute!
  • She shakes her head "NO." When she is finished eating she will shake her head "No" to let you know that she doesn't want anymore.
  • Today, she started shaking her head whenever she just heard Matt and I say the word, "No."
  • She is now able to Stand up without using anything for help!!! She is walking like a pro!
  • She has been doing a few sign language signs: More, Eat, and All Done.
  • Items she points out in books: Apples, Babies, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ducks, Hat, Dogs.
  • She LOVES to look at family Photos: Her favorites are pictures of Michaela!! She is able to identify Mom, Dad, Michaela, and herself in photos!
  • Words she says: Mom, Da-da, Ma for Michaela, Doggy, Ba-be (Baby), Na-ba (Banana), Bottle (not sure how to explain how she says this one, but she has a way of saying it =) )
  • She waves Hi and Bye when people are clearly leaving or arriving. Today when Matt went to pick her up from Nursery, as soon as she saw him, she excitedly waved to him!

Madelin, you are such a joy...we LOVE you to the Moon and Back!


Unknown said...

I love this photo! We are so glad you liked that park...there are a few other fun ones we can hit (that you may or may not have been to). We'll have to go again soon as Mike is dying to GRILL.

Madelin is doing SO MUCH...she is such a smart girl! I love how you add her latest milestones to your are great at memory keeping!

Anonymous said...

Hey cutie, I can't believe how big you are getting. It was great to see you walking to me at church last night. We will have to go to the park when it gets warmer so I can see you swing. I love you,
Mom Mom