Monday, February 16, 2009

To my Blogging Readers (whomever you are =) ) :

Well, I really enjoyed my week being Unplugged. It was kinda scary how weird it felt at first to not go into the Cyber world. I am back and feel refreshed. The point of this task or challenge make sure that I could unplug and still function and thrive, to make sure that I don't let myself get sucked into a "not so real world" and miss out on the present world in front of me. Overall, I am just seeking some balance. I needed a quiet week to just be still and let God speak to me.

My week was great. I enjoyed long walks and time outside almost every day! I read 1 and a 1/2 books that really fed my inmost soul. It's kinda weird but after unplugging, I feel more PLUGGED in to me, connected even stronger to who I am and what God wants me to do. This week allowed me to clear out my head and get refocused on being the Woman of God that He wants me to be. I am excited and thankful for this.

I love God. I love Matt. I love Michaela. I love Madelin. I love my parents. I love my brother. I love my role as a wife and mother. I love my Friends. I love my church. and I love whatever God has in store for me.

I plan on getting some Valentine pictures up tonight! Back to reality for now =)

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Unknown said...

That is a great concept. I on the hand seem to be plugging myself in more as I am atempting this blog idea. Anyhow, I saw you added us to the list. I didn't like the http address so I changed it. Here it is:
Thanks for being such a great friend! You are a blessing!