Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Slumber Party!!!

This is a picture of Michaela and I enjoying our very FIRST slumber party!!! I asked her yesterday if she wanted to have a Slumber party with me tomorrow night and she quickly answered, "YES!" and followed her response with with the question, "What is a slumber party?" So, I explained to her what it was: putting our comfy PJ's on, watching a movie in your bed together, eating a yummy snack, staying up late, and falling asleep whenever. After she heard what it was, she was super excited. She then found Matt and told him all about this. She said, "Mommy and I are having a Slum Party. Mommy, what kind of party are we having? (so I said a Slumber party and she continued) Oh yea, a slumber party Daddy and you and Madelin are not invited. It is just for me and Mommy!"

So today while Madelin was napping we made Applesauce Oatmeal cookies for us to enjoy at our Slumber party. Tonight, while MJ and I picked out our comfy PJ's, Matt kindly set up our Lap top in her room so we could watch a movie from her bed. I brought up our tray of goodies: Almonds, Hot Chocolate for me, Milk for MJ, and our Applesauce Oatmeal cookies. We had pillows and blankets for us to get comfy with and we cuddled together to watch our movie. Matt quickly took this picture of us and then skedaddled =)

I had a blast hanging out with Michaela!! After about 30 minutes,she wanted me to scratch her back, so I did and the next thing I knew...she was ASLEEP! So, our Slumber party ended way sooner than I was thinking it would, but Oh well...we had a great time together and I look forward to having MANY MANY More with her!!!


Unknown said...

Too cute! What a great idea...tell Matt not to over indulge on those applesauce cookies..we know how much he loves them!

The Ousdahls said...

Oh, I LOVE your comment. The reason I made those cookies for our party was because I knew he would not touch them and eat them all before hand. According to him, who would want to eat Cardboard cookies =) as he calls them. Oh boy, he cracks me up. I think they are yummy and I really love making them =)

Anonymous said...

The next morning I asked Michaela how her slumber party went and she said, "I loved it. I accidentally fell asleep, though." Then, when I asked if Daddy and she could ever have a slumber party I was quickly informed that slumber parties are just for girls. Oh, well.

Thanks, Melissa for being such an awesome mom to our girls.