Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Madelin's Words

Just a quick post for me to jot down what our Little Bit is saying!

Doggy -
this is said with much excitement!

Bottle -
she points to her bottle and says this (she just started saying this word this week. Matt and I were surprised when she said it at the table the other night at dinner.)

Baby -
Given her LOVE for Baby dolls, she now says Baby...sounds more like Ba-Ba. She is really into books that show pictures of Babies. We have these two little Books with Baby pictures and she crawls around with them and wants you to read them OVER and OVER to her!!! When you are finished reading and put it down, she will pick it up, hold it in front of your face and ramble something that I swear sounds like "Read it again." No totally sounds like that!!

Mommy -
when she really wants to get my attention, she calls out with much force and volume, "MA!" and then smiles when she captures my attention.

Daddy -
Every morning when she wakes up, I go get her from her crib and she is standing there, usually pulling the blinds on her window back so she can see outside. (yep, she has pretty much ruined the blinds near her crib...oh well.) As soon as she sees me, she is ALL smiles and ready to be picked up. We then go into my room and sit on my bed so I can Nurse her. Matt is still in bed laying down and every morning she looks over at him and says, "Da-Da" until he rolls over and says Good Morning to her!!

Bear -
This sounds like "Be," but totally obvious that "Bear" is what she is trying to say.

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