Monday, February 16, 2009

"Love is a many splendid thing"

Our Valentine's day! We helped our church give a party for the ESL adult students and their families. During the week, these students use the church building that we use on Sunday nights. The party was great. All 4 of the Ousdahls went. The party was a pot-luck lunch...I brought the "Do nothing Cake," an easy Pineapple cake recipe, but I am thinking that I won't make it is easy but not really up my alley. Anyway, we decorated the gym, attempted to have conversations with these families over lunch, and then all enjoyed a story teller by the name of Clem Bowen who incorporated music, singing, and laughter throughout his story...It was a great time. Then we went home hung out together until Judy came over to babysit for Matt and I to enjoy a late and quick meal together at our favorite place, Washington Street Ale House.

Our day of love was great. Matt and I are spoiled to have these 2 beautiful girls to love!!

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