Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little Bit at 10 Months Old

A little update on our Little Bit at 10 Month's old:

She now has 9 teeth: 8 can be seen here and she has a molar in the back bottom.

She LOVES to read and look at books with Flaps. "Baby says Peek a boo" and "Where is Baby's Belly Button?" are 2 of her favorites. As I am reading the book to her, she will wait for the perfect timing to pull the flap up or down. She started doing the flaps herself at the beginning of her 10th month.

She LOVES Baby dolls. Whenever she sees one, she will pick it up hug it, kiss it, and carry it with her.

She is down to only nursing in the morning and at night time.

She loves to say, "Do-dat" in this sing songy way. It is her own phrase and she says it over and over when she is just having fun and being silly. (I think she got this from the song I sing her that I made up..."Mommy loves you, Mommy loves you, yes I do, yes I do. Mommy loves you Madelin and I always will love you, yes I doooooooo." I kinda hold out the last word "do" and push my bottom jaw side to side to make it sound funny. So, I think that is where she got it from.)

She LOVES music.

She LOVES the swing at the park. I put her in it for the first time this past week. We had a few nice days so we enjoyed them outside. She LOVED the baby swing and laughed and smiled the whole time. She kept calling for Michaela, "Ma," I think she wanted MJ to see that she could get on the swing too =)

She is walking more and more every day. Crawling is still her main way to get around, but she is trying to walk and take steps as much as she can. It is probably 70% crawling and 30% walking as of now.

BEAR BEAR is still her favorite!!

She has started to make a fuss and put up a fight if MJ takes one of her toys.

She LOVES to be in the water. Bath time is her favorite and if she hears the bath water running...you better plan on putting her in it because if not, she will put up a fuss =)

Madelin...you are a JOY to have and bring so much JOY to our home. I love you so much.

PS: Madelin had a bad day yesterday...her 2 fingers got stuck in the door (Michaela closed it too quickly without knowing that they were there.), she bonked her cheek bone on Mom and Dad's coffee table last night after dinner, and she has a runny nose from teething or a cold that keeps frustrating her...poor girl. By the time bed time rolled around, she was soooooo ready for it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Little Bit, I just love your big smile. You are too cute. I love you,
Mom Mom

Marlene said...

We love lift-the-flaps too! Our copy of "Dear Zoo" is looking quite loved :) Your blog is great!