Monday, February 16, 2009


February 14th 2009 was our 10th Valentine's Day!! How fun is that. I truly love Matt and know that we were made to love each other! We had a great time celebrating our love. The best part was that we didn't spend a penny doing it. (Actually, he did buy me 12 Reese's peanut butter cups, you know the .5 cent small ones near the check out and 1 Reese's Heart cup). He set up this awesome scavenger hunt for me around the house...what a fun time. I must say, I have done many Ousdahl scavenger hunts and I think I am getting worse with age...oh well. I eventually got them all. Every clue was a sweet note or memory about us with a little Reese's with it...the last one or 13th one had the bigger heart Reese's and said "You're worth more than a dozen." (He started this pattern from our very first date...whenever I get 12 flowers or the end, there is always a surprise 13th one letting me know that I am extra special to him.) He also writes me a poem every Valentine's day...they are all different and always make me cry!! I keep them ALL and truly love them because I know he took a lot of time to get his feelings out and worded in such a beautiful way. We danced to our song, "Come What May," and then enjoyed a great late dinner at Washington Street Ale House since Aunt Judy was so kind to come over and watch the girls for us!

Our evening was perfect...thank you babe for loving me!!

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Anonymous said...

I love you baby. Thanks for being my Valentine and for putting up with my "cheap" version of the holiday. You are one of a kind.