Sunday, February 22, 2009

Coffee with Kate

2 Hours:2 Caramel Macchiatos:2 Friends...

Enough said...We had a great time together.

(P.S. After much bugging from me, Kate decided to start a blog...check it out. Click on The Davis under Our Favorite Blogs. I also encouraged another friend to join the Blogging world =) Check out Joy's site too! Click on The Cronauers to see Joy's new blog!! These two gals are great friends to me and I am blessed to know them!)

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Unknown said...

Kate looks GREAT! I am so glad she got some time out! How fun that will be to read her blog! Melissa, thanks so much for inspiring me! If I can ever get a layout I'm happy with...seems like half the battle. BTW, I LOVE your blogs new look. Thanks for your inspiration and FRIENDSHIP!