Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bear Gets a Bath

While I was getting the girls ready for their bath today, Madelin threw Bear in the tub! She LOVES to take baths and gets so excited when she hears the bath water. So, as soon as she heard the water she crawled on over to the tub and tossed Bear over. I guess she wanted Bear to enjoy all the fun in the tub too!! She had a blast putting Bear under the water and pulling him back up over and over again.

Here Madelin is holding Bear up after I asked her to show Mommy her Bear. Madelin was very intrigued over how heavy Bear was after getting wet. You could tell that she really noticed the weight difference!

I LOVE this picture because in it Madelin was "Loving her Bear". That is what I tell her to do sometimes...I say, "Love your Bear," and she picks up Bear and gives it some Love!! So this is what she is doing here. She picked up Bear, gave it a hug and then was patting Bear with little Love pats. The Love pats are something that she has picked up on. I do that when I pick up the girls and am comforting them and when I play pretend with them and their baby dolls...I think it is pretty cool that she mimics it from me. What a sweetie!!!

Don't know why, but my girls LOVE to do this!! Put their heads together and look at each other and then followed with Laughter between them. So silly but they enjoy it. Girls, I always hope that when you are together you are able to enjoy the gift of laughing!

So, Bath time was Extra Fun today!! Poor Bear got 3 baths today. I washed him in the washer with Madelin's sheets this morning. She threw him in the tub with her and then after that, I figured he needed to be cleaned again, so he went back into the washer!!!

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