Sunday, February 22, 2009

90th Birthday Party!!!

This past Saturday, we went to a 90th Birthday party for my Great Aunt Betsy! Aunt Betsy was married to my Poppop's brother, Dick. What a great time! We enjoyed catching up with our extended Deverell family! Michaela had a BLAST running around with her 2nd great cousins, or whatever specific relation they are to us. You would NEVER know that Aunt Betsy is 90!!! She is up and about and looks super. Here she is with Michaela, Caroline and Natalie (sisters and Betsy's Great Granddaughters.)


Anonymous said...

We really missed being there. So happy to hear that it was a beautiful day with Beautiful Aunt Betsy! We have always admired her from near and afar.

PS~Loving your new blog look!

Anonymous said...

Hey Michaela and Madelin, can you please ask Mommy and Daddy to give Mom Mom and Pappy one of these pictures that you have at the top of your blog. They are too cute. You two are the prettiest little girls in the whole wide world. I love you,
Mom Mom