Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Projects from MJ's Art class

"Imagine a Night" by MJO January 27th 2009

This is the project that Michaela brought home yesterday from her Art class. She started taking this art class in December of 2008. Her drop-off Gymboree Fitness class dropped in enrollment, so we had to pick a new class for her to take there and we decided to try the Art class. It is still a drop off class so she has time without Mommy and with a teacher. She LOVES it and I LOVE it because it has REALLY helped her with her writing, drawing, and such. Miss Susan is wonderful. Anyway, this particular class they read a book called "Imagine a Night," in which the author/artist describes a night and then has a picture to illustrate it. The book is GREAT. So the teacher had each student describe their night and then after that, make a picture to illustrate their night.

This was Michaela's Night that SHE imagined:

"It was Snowing a lot and the snow was really loud. So, it was snowing loudly, not quietly. The snow woke us up. It woke up Madelin, me, Mommy and Daddy."

(Note: I dictated this story word for word as she told me when I picked her up. The teacher has the parents come in for the lat 5 minutes for the students to describe to the parents what they did in class.)

They had many, many things to chose from to make their picture. MJ chose to use, Black paper, white chalk, snowflake foam things, cotton balls, and silver glitter. Why? Well, she told us what everything represented on her paper: Black Paper - the night dark sky. Silver glitter - the ice on the ground. White chalk - the small snow. Cotton balls - snow gathering on the ground. Snowflakes - the Big Louder snow.

How sweet is she!! I just love her! She said that she wanted to hang this picture on our bedroom door! We (mommy and daddy) were so excited and did just that. One more thing. Matt went to hang the picture up and down (seems like the "logical" way since snow is falling), however, MJ insisted that her picture was supposed to hang left to we did that. The artist would know!!!

"My Flag" by MJO January 20, 2008

Last week in Art class, MJ made an American Flag. The teacher asked the students who our president was and MJ was the first (and only) to say, "Barack Obama." Good job MJ.

Michaela we are so proud of you and love you so much!!!! We love to hang up your pictures and art pieces that you make.

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Anonymous said...

A master piece for sure. Maybe you can do another one so Mom Mom can have another snow day off from school. You are a great artist.
I love you,
Mom Mom