Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MJ's Art Projects

These are some various art projects that Michaela has done in the past. I was organizing the basket of them and decided to take pictures of them and put some of the pictures on the blog. The first one was from her 3rd Birthday party. Her party was a Little Mermaid theme, so MJ and her friends enjoyed decorating fish out on our Gazebo. This was in Oct. 2008.

This is a picture that MJ did at Crossroads Church. (Matt and I lead this, so we were the teachers). MJ enjoyed helping me collect leaves from our backyard to bring to church for all the kids to use. Michaela, along with her friends, enjoyed breaking up the leaves and gluing them onto the tree. (Note: this had more leaves on it, but being in the basket, several fell off.) I had each child tell me what they were thankful for and I wrote it on their paper...whatever they said, I wrote. I was so touched by what Michaela decided to say. She said, "Danielle and Autymn (her friends), Jesus, and Mommy." The best part was that she went last and heard all that the other children said and did not copy their answers. Way to go a leader and do your own thing. This was in Nov. of 2008.

This was Michaela's first picture of Finger painting...she insisted on using ALL the colors, so it kinda turned out to be brownish, reddish, but oh well, it is her creation. I love her hand print in the to right side =) She definitely knows what she wants...EXACTLY to the last detail! (much like her Mommy.) This was done in Summer of 2008.

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Infarrantly Creative said...

oh my gosh I love it. I can't wait to frame my kiddos art. Watch as much as I love art my kids will hate it. That would make me sad.