Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MJ Writes Her Name

Michaela can now write her name!!!! We are so very excited about this. This past weekend, Matt spent a lot of time working with Michaela to help her learn how to write each letter in her first name. She did GREAT! We had to take a picture of the very first time she wrote her whole first name out...so here it is!!! We left it up on the board for Mommom and Pappy to see when they came over later. Michaela is super excited over her new accomplishment.

(Note: MJ was sick with a cold in this picture...thankfully she is getting better and I think her cough is almost gone.)


Anonymous said...

Pappy and I have a MJO original too. For Pappy's birthday MJ painted him a picture using the tires from her cars.....In the middle is a photo of her and Pappy at a car show standing next to the GTO and the huge big trophy he won for best of show. I think MJ is the prettiest in the picture. I love you,
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

What a smart little Great granddaughter I have, and I like all of your art work also. Love Grandma from California