Saturday, January 24, 2009

Madelin took her First Steps Today!!

We had a very exciting day here: Madelin took her first steps today!!!!! We knew it would happen any day now. For about a week or so now, she has been standing without holding onto things for minutes at a time. So, we have been waiting with cameras by our side for her to take that first step. Today was the day.

Here is how it went: Michaela, Madelin, and I were hanging out in our living room waiting for Matt to return from helping out Habitat for Humanity this morning. He gets home, tells us all about it, and I make us all a snack to enjoy. Hoping it would happen, Matt gets Madelin in standing position and asks her to walk to him. Lacking motivation, she simply sits down and crawls over to him. This repeats itself several times and we all assume it won't be today. Michaela then joins Matt and sits on his lap eating an Oatmeal cookie that Mommom sent her home with last night. I could tell from Madelin's face that she was determined to get a bite of that cookie. So, I asked Matt to try again with MJ on his lap with the cookie. Sure enough, it worked...Bingo....she easily walked the 4 steps over to Matt in hopes of getting the cookie!! We were all so excited and cheered and clapped for her!

The one problem was the video camera was not running...Argg...I know, but oh well. Getting it on camera minutes after the first steps occurred still counts, right? It does for me =) So, I got the camera rolling and we did it again. Only this time, no cookie!!!! In all the excitement, MJ finished her cookie, (Madelin didn't get any...our cheers kinda distracted her from this disappointment) and I had no other cookies in the cabinet. So, quickly we had to find better motivation....Cell Phone!!! (yes, my new one that I got last night and vowed to never let Madelin hold it since she kinda messed up my last one.) Oh well, just once to get her to walk!! It worked. I held up the cell phone, Matt and Michaela had the video rolling, and Madelin took the 4 steps over to me to reach the cell phone. We then had her do it again two more times. So, this wasn't a one time thing...she did it again and again, and is a least when there is a cookie or cell phone in front of her. Yes, I did let her hold my cell phone for a minute after all her hard work. But only for a minute!! Then we took it away and gave her her own snack.

All in all, this was a fabulous that I am glad we got on tape and were able to be together as a family for this to happen!!!!

Madelin's 9th month has been filled with many new accomplishments and milestones:

No more pacifier. (she was only taking this to sleep, but we decided to do without it now anyway.)
Sleeping for 12 hours at night!! (I am loving this)
SO BIG!! (Madelin does So Big now when we ask her "How Big is Madelin?" or when she wants some extra attention from us, she will put her arms up, smile and wait for us to say "So Big.")
Her First Steps
"Talking" (she now rambles on in conversations with us or her Bear.)
Points to things she wants (she does this mainly when she wants a certain toy that she can't get)

Madelin, we are so proud of you and can't believe how quickly you are growing!!! You are filled with Spunk, Energy, Passion, Determination, and LOVE!! Always know that we love you and God does too!!!


The Stafford Crew said...

I am so proud of my little neice... What a big girl!!! She is sure smart like her aunt KIM!! JK! Pass along kisses from me!!

Anonymous said...

Great job Madelin....Pappy and I got to see Madelin take about four steps on Sun. night. Look out world, here she comes.
I love you,
Mom Mom