Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun with Puzzles

Michaela is really into puzzles. She got several of them for her birthday in October and since then has really excelled in her ability to put the pieces together. This is one of our favorite puzzles. Michaela does a great job of sorting through the pieces in the beginning to put the outer edge pieces in one pile, the corner pieces in one pile, and the center pieces in another pile. She then uses the picture of the finished puzzle to help guide her to place the corner and outer pieces first. She also uses the colors on the pieces as clues to help her figure out where they go. It may take her some time, but she can put this puzzle together all by herself and gets so excited every time she puts a piece in the correct place. (as shown in this picture above) She wanted to leave the finished puzzle on our kitchen table today so we could admire it all day long and she couldn't wait for Daddy to see it!!

Michaela has had a cough the last 2 we have been staying in and we hope she gets better soon!!

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Anonymous said...

Good job are so so smart. Tell Mommy and Daddy to post the video of you reading your flashcards. You do such a nice job. I love you,
Mom Mom