Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Dandelions" by: MJO

This is my absolute favorite art project that Michaela has done. Probably because the whole process of making it was so magical!! She made this Dandelion picture in the early Fall of 2008. Madelin was a few months old and was napping, so MJ and I ventured out in our back yard to spend some quality time together...just her and me =) The weather was beautiful...just perfect for her and I...I don't like the hot sun and having to put on sunscreen and she does NOT like the Frigid cold and having to put on coats. So, it was our favorite time to be outside.

We decided to bring our finger paint outside and paint a picture in the Gazebo. Her first picture was all fun and silly...very abstract. Then as that one was drying, I asked her what thing we should use to paint our next picture. She wasn't sure what to use to dip in the paint besides her fingers, so we thought it was a good idea to explore the yard and find something to use. She was so excited to come across a Dandelion. That was what she wanted to use as her paint brush. I thought to myself...HOW FUN and I probably would not have thought to use that, which made me love her idea even more!! It was ALL her. The best part to her was that we had so many dandelions in our yard for her to use in her picture =) (I love how children can find beauty in items that we think aren't so pretty.) Now, thanks to MJ I have a BEAUTIFUL memory and painting to recall every time I see a dandelion!

So, we picked our dandelions and went to painting. She LOVED dipping the flowers in the paint and then putting the flower on the paper. She wanted her "flowers" to be "All the colors" and not just yellow. She was SO thrilled with her painting. The best part was seeing her face when I had it framed and in our family room the next day after it dried....she was so Happy.

MJ...I just love you and am thankful for this special memory we share together!! You are my sunshine. I hope you are always able to see the beauty in everything and use your gifts to create a beautiful life for you to enjoy!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Michaela,

I really love your painting too!! It is beautiful, just like you and your mommy!! You make me so proud that I cried:-)

I love you so much!!