Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Adventure Night Jan. 2009

Here we all are at Dave and Busters in Philadelphia for our Jan. Adventure Night!! We had a great evening. We met at our house, rode up girls and guys. I drove the girls in our van. Enjoyed dinner and then games at D&B. All our friends gave us the tickets they won so we could get a prize for Michaela and Madelin...SO sweet of them all!!!! We were able to get 2 Teddy Bears...one pink and one green. When we got home, Michaela and Madelin were so surprised ad loved their new stuffed animal! MJ chose the pink one, so Madie got the green one. We named the green one "Dave" and the pink one "Buster."

Thanks friends for a great night. (Pictured above from front left and then clockwise: Derek and Christine, Matt and Me, Mandi, Kristen, Kerry, Matt P. and Wendy, Casey and Dave.) We can't wait for Feb.'s fun!

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