Friday, November 28, 2008

Wilmington's Christmas Parade!!

The family at the parade!!

Madelin was a trooper since the loud bands and sirens and such kept waking her up from her morning nap!!!!

MJ with Miss Teen Delaware! Michaela LOVED her princess crown and was even more excited when Amanda told MJ that she was a dancer!!!

We all enjoyed Wilmington's Christmas Day Parade on the day after Thanksgiving. My parents always took Matthew and I there when we were younger, so it is nice for me to take my girls there too. The weather was crisp but not too cold. We were able to enjoy the parade and not freeze. Michaela loved waving to Elmo, Pooh Bear, Santa, and probably her favorite, Miss Valerie her dance teacher!! The last picture shows her dance school's Celebration team walking in the parade. Miss Valerie came up to MJ and said hello. Michaela is excited about joining this team next year!!! After the parade, we went to lunch at Deerhead Hotdogs...another tradition and family favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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