Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Day!!

We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and have so, so much to be Thankful for. This year has been "tough." (Madelin's delivery, Madelin's choking episode at 2 weeks, our involvement in Crossroads Church plant, loosing our Cooper, the car accident, and financial name a few.) Even though all these things have happened this year, God has continued to provide for us and protect us!! Ultimately, that is what I am thankful for most of all this year...God's provision and protection. Because of that, I have a warm house to live in and food to eat, 2 healthy, beautiful daughters to hold and love daily, a loving husband, parents who are always there for me, family that lives close to hang out with, friends who encourage me, and a Savior who died for me....What amazing Blessings, and for that, I am thankful!!

The first picture is of Madelin after she ate her yummy thanksgiving meal of Peas and Sweet Potatoes =)

Pappy and Madie after our meal. (Madelin only uses her paci to sleep...she was about to go to sleep here.)

Michaela giving Cousin Corey a Hug!!!!!

Me, Mom, and MJ taking a picture of ourselves.

Matt and Me!! I love him so much!!!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family, beautiful little girls!
So thankful for family and all the caring and love that goes with it!
Missing everyone.
Love, Aunt Mary Ann