Sunday, November 02, 2008

Our Little Belle

For Halloween, Michaela made the most Beautiful Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast!! She couldn't wait to wear her Belle dress! From the moment she brought it home from shopping with Mommom, she kept asking to wear it! I told her that she had to save it for Halloween and after that, she could use it for dress up. Well, Halloween couldn't get here soon enough =) MJ's hair looked GREAT and looked just like Belle's.

She had a blast Trick or Treating. Daddy explained to her that the faster we walked, the more candy we MJ kept encouraging us to go, "Faster, Faster!" We did our street, Aunt Judy's house and then went to Mommom and Pappy's house. She said, "Trick or Treat" at every house and said "Thank you" when she received the candy...what a true princess!

The Saturday after Halloween, our church, BVBC, had a Fall Festival party for all the kids. MJ had a blast hanging out with her friends and enjoyed the 2nd opportunity to go out as Belle.

Emma (Tinker Bell) and Michaela (Belle)

Michaela (Belle) and Natalie (Sleeping Beauty)

Michaela, Maddie, and Emma.

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Anonymous said...

You looked so pretty in your Belle costume...Mommy had your hair fixed just like Belle's is in the movie. You were too cute and just like Mom Mom, you love chocolate.
I love you, I am glad you had a blast playing with your friends at the church's party. Friends are great.
Mom Mom