Wednesday, October 29, 2008

World Series Game 4

Michaela went with Mommom and Pappy to the World Series Game Sunday night. What a GREAT Game. The Phillies Won, 10 - 2!!! MJ waved her Rally towel and had a great time cheering on her Phillies. Thanks Mom and Dad for taking MJ to this special event.

Go Phillies!!!


Anonymous said...

We had such a great time. Michaela really gets into the game. She checks the score and everything. She even knows that we call Evan Longoria "Eva". Too cute - hearing her chant that. She loves baseball like the rest of us. GO PHILLIES.

Anonymous said...

Now, these are some very special pictures! Mom Mom, I must say you look beautiful, darling! And, that Pappy looks way too happy that the Red Soxs are not there! I hope that the Philles win for all of you! Michaela will remember this forever.
Love, Aunt Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Michaela is becoming a true phillie fan. She was chanting "Eva" with the rest of us and was then chanting "Lets Go Joe"! Joe Blanton hit his home run just two rows in front of us!