Monday, October 27, 2008

Liberty Homecoming Trip!!

We had a Fabulous time in Lynchburg, VA this weekend for Liberty's Homecoming / Alumni Weekend. It is always so comforting and refreshing to be back at LU. God truly is doing some exciting things at the University.

Pictured above is the girls and me at the Football game...LU won, like 40 something to 0!!!

Kevin, Levi, Matt, and is such a blessing to spend time with good college friends.

Madelin sitting in the stroller like a Big Girl! The weather was beautiful and Michaela really enjoyed looking at all the Mountains in the distance!

The girls LOVE their stroller for sure!!

Jeremy and Melissa with Madelin =)

Holly with Madelin (Holly is Melissa's sister.) They were so funny. Melissa called Holly a baby hog because she hardly let anyone else hold Madelin!

Us....Oh what memories we have from Liberty!!! All wonderful. We really enjoyed being back and driving around Lynchburg and getting some memory jolts to some good times from when and where we first met!

Michaela...or as many of our college friends said, "Little Melissa." She enjoyed traveling the 5 hours in our van...traveling in comfort for sure!

Good times for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love Liberty and Lynchburg and wish it was closer to DE!


Anonymous said...

What pretty girls I have...all three.
Love you,
Mom and Mom Mom

The Stafford Crew said...

Okay... seriously, Michaela is growing up too fast!! And Madeline, could she have brighter hair!?!? I have the most beautiful neices!!! Kisses!!