Saturday, October 18, 2008

"I'm sorry you didn't win, Daddy."

We had such a fun family night. Mommy had a baby shower to go to and brought Madelin along with her, so Daddy and Michaela could have some quality time together. When Mommy and Madie returned home, Michaela was so excited to tell us about Candyland, the game they played. She started by saying very excitedly, "Daddy picked the wrong card and LOST. I Won!" Matt told me that after their first game, she said to him, "I'm sorry you didn't win, Daddy."

Because they had so much fun, we decided to play again so Mommy could join in. (MJ won again, Daddy, second, and Mommy last) It was so great hanging out...all of us around the kitchen table having family game time.

After this, we headed upstairs to get ready for bed and Matt said he had a special treat for the girls...he got out his guitar and played us all some songs! Both girls love music and enjoyed listening to Matt play before bed. What a great evening!!

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Anonymous said...

I believe Michaela is still the reigning champion of Candy Land. I played her two games and we split the series. Let's hope that she brings that Candy Land luck to the World Series. GO PHILLIES.
MJ, you are sweeter than candy.
Mom Mom