Friday, September 26, 2008

Yummy Veggie Puffs

Madelin is enjoying sitting with us at the Dinner table. This past week, we started having her sit in the high chair at the table while we eat dinner. Michaela was excited because she now gets to sit in a Big Girl chair like Mommy and Daddy. Since Madelin is SO interested in the food we eat, we started giving her Veggie Puffs for her to enjoy while we eat dinner. Madelin LOVES them. She gets so excited when she sees the container and practically attacks them when I put them on her tray. The funny thing is that I think she only ends up eating like 1 for every ten on the tray...but oh well. She is getting some great practice. She is way to cute when she eats these...This picture shows her with one in her mouth.

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