Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our Prima Ballerina

MJ walking into the Dance Studio. She was so excited to wear her Back Pack.

A good shot of her Dance Hair-do.

Mommy putting MJ's Ballet shoes on.

MJ talking to her friend, Autymn. (MJ 3rd from right, and Autymn is in long sleeves)

What a Beautiful Girl!

(MJ: Back row 2nd from right, stomping her left foot)

(MJ: Back row on right looking back and holding her arms up like the teacher)

This past Wednesday was such a special day for us....It was Michaela's First Dance class. Michaela was so excited for this. She couldn't wait to dance with her new teacher, Miss Valerie, and wear the Dance clothes that Miss Valerie wanted all the girls to wear. I have been showing MJ videos online of Ballet and Tap dancers, so she knows what skills she will eventually be able to master.

Getting her ready was a blast. She was upset at first that she couldn't wear a Pink leotard to match her pink tights, but after reminding her that Black and pink is what dancers wear to class, she was fine with that. We had practiced putting her hair up in a Bun, so that was easy. After getting dressed, MJ ran downstairs to show Daddy and Madie how pretty she looked. Then off we went. We dropped Madie off at my parent's house, so this time could be all about Michaela.

Michaela is one of the youngest in this dance class for 3 and 4 year olds, but she did GREAT. All the parents were sitting in the waiting room, watching the class from a TV monitor. We had so much fun. MJ listened to the teacher and followed the steps. We were able to see the last 5 minutes standing in the back of the room. The girls had their tap shoes on now and were doing a simple 8 step routine to Singing in the Rain...which Matt picked up and has been practicing with MJ at home =)

So, every Wednesday at 5:15, Matt and I will do the same as this day...drop Madie at Moms, take MJ, watch her, and hang out together while we wait to tell her what a fabulous job she did. (Some weeks, we will give Mom a break so she can come and watch MJ dance too.)


Anonymous said...

I still remember taking you to your first ballet class. Your friend, Faith, was there too. I can not believe that Michaela is so grown up now. Such a beautiful girl, just like her mommy. I love seeing the big smile on her face and I can't wait until the recital.
So Michaela, keep on dancing.
I love you,
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

M.J. looks so pretty!! I am so glad that she is excited about going. We are so proud of her!!

Love Pappy

Anonymous said...

Ballet and tap, my favorite pasttime. I thoroughly enjoyed standin on the stage crying while the other dancers actually did the routine. Good times.
Michaela looks soooooo cute. I guess I'll try Nyla when she gets older. If she does at least 2 steps during a recital she will have gotten much further than her mother.
Michaela's gonna do great. Just like her mommy used to do.


Anonymous said...

And Michaela looks alot like her Daddy in the picture where she's turned her head toward the camera! MJ, usually I think you look more like your Mom...but not in that picture! Happy Dancing!


Anonymous said...

These are some of my favorite pictures of Michaela. She looks SO pretty! This must have been such a special day for all of you ~ one that I'm sure you'll never forget. What a great experience for Michaela....keep us posted with more pictures!