Friday, September 26, 2008

MJ's Beach Weekend w/ Mommom & Pappy

Last weekend, Michaela went with Mommom and Pappy to Wildwood, New Jersey. They had a great weekend together. Pappy entered his 70 GTO in an Annual Car show held there.

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Anonymous said...

We sure did have a great time at Wildwood. We enjoyed all the cars (MJ and I lost interest after about the first two hundred), the rides - especially the pirate ship in the air, the beach and of course the pool. The wind was kind of cold, but MJ or should I say Ariel had a blast swimming in the pool anyone how. Pappy and I had to be Sebastin and Flounder. MJ, I love your great imagination. Thanks for going to the beach with us for the weekend.
We love you,
Mom Mom and Pappy