Sunday, August 17, 2008

Super Daddy

I have such an amazing husband! While I have known this, I was pleasantly reminded of it again tonight. Let me explain. Tonight I went out to dinner with a good friend...just the 2 of us with NO kids =). Matt was home with our 2 girls. I had a BLAST hanging out with my friend. The Best part was what I found when I came back home: a batch of Home-made heart shaped Sugar cookies, AND some Apple Cinnamon Muffins! (plus, no sign of any mess from the baking process.) Michaela loved baking with Daddy. I am so glad that the girls had some quality Daddy only time and I had some Quality friend time.

Thanks Matt! I love you and am so thankful for ALL you do for your 3 Girls!!!!!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing like seeing a man become a wonderful Daddy. I find it to be one of life's truly beautiful things. How lucky we are to have these special men in our family. Matt, I love this picture of you and Michaela. You are a dear, dear Daddy.
Love, Aunt Mary Ann

PS~The girls are sooo sweet and cute! Thanks, for sharing all of your family moments with us.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Matt! Bob & I frequently smile as we remember a memory of you that has stayed with us for the past five years. It was the morning after our wedding and we were all sitting on the front steps of the Higgins Beach Inn. Bob & I were seeking advice from other married couples. We will never forget your smile as you turned to us and said, "A happy wife is a happy life!" You are a great husband and a great Daddy too!