Saturday, August 02, 2008

Madelin's 1st Taste of Rice Cereal!!

At Madelin's 4 month check up, Dr. Gould said that Madelin was ready to try Rice Cereal for breakfast. So, today was our first day giving it to her. (Yes, I know it was a week and 3 days after her apt, but a) what's the rush, and b) my parent's were away, and I wanted it to be a family event =) ) Boy, was Madelin ready for it. This whole week it seemed to Matt and me that she was acting like she knew that the Dr. gave the "okay" for the cereal, and that we were not giving it to her. She watched EVERY bite of food that we would all eat at meal time, and it looked like she was trying to say, "Hello, it's my turn."

Well, she TOTALLY enjoyed her 1st taste of the rice cereal. She kept reaching for the spoon, trying to keep it in her mouth since it was bringing such Yummy stuff her way. We asked Michaela if she wanted to give a spoonful to Madelin, but she was a little grossed out by the mess on Madelin's face and bib...(MJ hates spit up and drool), so she politely declined and watched from a few steps back. Madelin did a great job eating it and was not too happy when it was all gone, but we didn't want to overdue it, so instead of more, she had to be satisfied with her "boring baby milk," from Mommy.

I can't wait to see the excitement on Madelin's face tomorrow morning when she realizes that she gets to eat this stuff AGAIN...Oh, Madie, just you wait...there is so many more Yummy things to come along.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Madelin! What a great job you did eating your first cereal. How exciting for you and your Mommy & Daddy too! Your Mommy is right, just wait until you get introduced to so many more yummy and delicious foods. I'm sure you'll love it just as much as you did your cereal. Way to go!!!!!

Lots of Love,