Thursday, August 21, 2008

Girl Time

I just wanted to make note of this wonderful evening that I shared with my 2 darling daughters. No pictures, no videos, only words and my memory to mark this one down. Nothing spectacular to most, but to me it was a moment...You know one of those moments you get when you are really, truly in the moment, 100% enjoying every minute, full of thanks, and overflowing with complete joy from the blessing. Well, that is what I shared tonight with my girls. No, it was not the first time I experienced this, but it is the first time that I am posting like this....why not, type a memory out from time to time that I want to keep with me.

Well, here is how our night went. After dinner and cleaning up, Matt went to set up his new iPhone (he LOVES it.), so it was just me and the girls hanging out. The cool thing was that I wasn't trying to make it fun, or structuring an activity for us, nope, the 3 of us were just chillin' without a care about any of that. So, Mandi called me to chat for a few, so I went upstairs to talk to her, Madie on my hip and MJ at my heels =) We went to my bedroom. MJ started jumping on my bed and I was just standing there, holding Madie and talking to Mandi when the fun began. Mandi and I could barely finish our phone conversation because my 2 girls were having a GIGGLE FEST!!! Madelin was cracking up as she watched MJ jump on the bed, and of course, MJ was getting a kick out of Madelin laughing at her, so a giggling Circle was created. Even Mandi was laughing as she heard them through the phone. After hanging up with Mandi, I did call Matt up to witness this fun event. He brought the camera and we did get a few minutes of them laughing on video. What I loved about this event was that my 2 daughters were simply enjoying each other, sharing a laugh with their sister, and I was able to view it. Note, the girls' were focused on each other, MJ was looking at Madie, and Madie looking at MJ.

I hope that they will have many more moments like this. Time shared in complete happiness with each other.

Then, MJ, Madie, and I just continued to hang out on my bed. We were singing songs, making funny noises, laying down face to face, and just having a blast. A few things to note to make sure I remember...Michaela kept asking me to cover my mouth while I was signing...This was her polite way of asking me to sing quieter since I do not have the best singing voice =) I thought it was too cute. Also, Madelin kept trying to reach for Michaela's shirt with stars on it, but MJ was grossed out by Madie's slobbery hands. Again, Michaela was very polite about it. The best part though was when Michaela said, "Mommy, Madelin is my Best Friend." What a sweet heart. I so hope that they will be close and help each other out as they grow older.

As of today, I know for sure that Michaela truly loves Madelin and that Madelin is always watching her Big Sister and lights up every time she sees or hears her.

Girls, always know that I love you both...more than you will ever know. I am so blessed to have you girls. Thank you for such a carefree and sweet evening.


Rebecca Leger said...

Don't you wish there was some type of magical way to capture these simple, yet oh so very, very special moments? We all try to capture these amazing daily experiences that we have with our children in our blogs because we want to share these very precious moments with the people that are the closest to us. Unfortunately, these moments can't be fully captured in photographs since they only represent a very brief second in time. Videos are nice but they aren't able to capture the moments leading up to and following the special times with our children ~ they also can't capture they way we feel at the time and they certainly don't capture the very small things that make these moments so unforgettable for us such as the sparkle in our childs' eyes. As parents, we all have these memories that will be with us forever and it is the most simple ones, such as a smile, a laugh, or a look that are the most meaningful to us and the ones that can only be captured completely in our mind. The joy of raising children is certaintly is the best job in the entire world! Thank you for sharing a special memory with us.


Mandi said...

I can still hear the was too precious!! Wish I could have seen it and not just heard it!

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to read this story, Melissa. I have always felt that pictures are just a little snapshot in time. I often find myself looking at the picture and wondering, "What was the person thinking at this very moment". I am ever-so-thankful for the blog pictures, though. How beautiful it is for us to "tune in" and see what our families are doing. As, grandparents, we know all of the little, but the BEST moments are the ones that stay in our minds eye forever. Thank you, for bringing this clearly to light for all of us. I enjoy and love all the pictures but as always, the simplest and smallest are the most special. Keep enjoy those moments forever and ever!
Love, Aunt Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Just heard the news about your Senator...Joe Biden for Vice-President. Uncle Walter is thrilled that Deleware has been brought to light on a national level!

The Ousdahls said...

Melissa- you should be jealous. If you think that being able to enjoy two girls is fun... Imagine how lucky I am with three! Thank you for all you do. I love you.