Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photo Shoot

Last Friday, July 18th, Mom and I took the girls to get their pictures taken. These are Madelin's almost 4 months pictures and Michaela's summer pictures. We weren't sure if a picture of both of them together would work, but figured we would give it a try anyway...I am very glad that we did because I LOVE it. Michaela loved holding Madelin for the picture. Both girls enjoyed the photo shoot and smiled for the camera.

(Some notes: 1) This was Michaela's first professional picture in a casual outfit. 2) Madelin didn't get any spit up or drool on her dress...I was worried she would since she does both of these more than what I am used to from MJ as a baby, which was basically NEVER. I never used a bib with MJ and I always have to use one with Madie...oh well. )


Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls......beautiful pictures!
Thanks, for sharing them.
Love, from Aunt Mary Ann in Vermont

Anonymous said...

Such happy girls you have! They both look so beautiful. Thank you for posting them for all of us to see.