Sunday, July 13, 2008

Madelin's 1st Beach Visit

On Saturday, Matt, Madelin, and I met up with some friends at Atlantic City Beach for a day of fun. This was Madelin's 1st Day at the Beach...I was very nervous about her getting burnt, but thanks to our friends, they got there a little earlier than us and had several umbrella's and a tent set up to keep Madelin and I out of the sun =) Yeah...we don't do tans in this family. We are all about Shade and Sunscreen!

Anyway, as you can tell from this last picture, Madelin was not too sure how to react to the wet sand and the very cold water running over her feet. This was her very first time putting her feet in the ocean! After putting her feet in the water, her and I settled in a nice comfy chair under lots of shade. I enjoyed talking with Kristen, Wendy, and Casey, while Madelin cuddled up to sleep in my arms. With the ocean waves, the nice breeze, and Mommy's arms, Madelin slept most of the time while we were on the beach.

Matt and the other guys, Nick, Dave, and Matt P., enjoyed playing bocci ball (sp?) and catch in the ocean. We all had a blast.

(Michaela, we miss you so much, but are glad to know that you are having such a fun time in Mississippi with Mommom and Pappy...Things have been too quiet without you....We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening...We love you to the moon and back...and all the stars too. Recently when I told MJ that I loved her to the moon and back, she thought for a minute and then asked, "And all the stars too?" How cute is that. I answered "Yes, all the stars too.")


Anonymous said...

Madelin, I know just what you mean about the sunscreen---my Mommy is always lathering me up in in too.
Don't you just love the beach? It is one of my favorite places to visit also.
We are lucky girls to have such nice Mommys and Daddys. I hope that you are not missing your sister too much.
I Love You,

martha hamerdinger said...

What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!And those chubby little legs. Looks like a lot of fun. The beach is always a good place for everyone to enjoy.
Love Grandma Hamerdinger

The Stafford Crew said...

What a beauty!!! I love the one piece... Modest is hottest.... She has the most adorable little thighs... My boys never had the baby legs... sure wish they did... they are so cute!! Make sure to give her lots of kisses from Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike....
love to you all....