Sunday, July 13, 2008

Madelin:15 weeks

Three different pictures and three different expressions from our little Madelin. Just like her sister, (and probably her Mommy too) Madelin is very expressive.

In the 1st picture, she is in the middle of a Big smile while she was talking to Mommy.

The 2nd picture cracks me looks as if she is trying to do a Model pose with pouty lips.

The 3rd picture shows her intently concentrating.

No matter what face you make Madelin, you are Beautiful!

You will notice the pink Bear in 2 of the photos...Mommy and Daddy bought this for her this past week. Mommy has been trying to choose a "doggy" (meaning a favorite toy that goes everywhere with you, coined from Michaela's doggy.) for Madelin, while Daddy keeps reminding Mommy that Michaela is the one who chose her doggy from a ton of toys, so we should just wait and see what Madelin picks....So, that is what we are doing =) But I am trying to keep this bear around her a lot. I just love Michaela's doggy and hope that Madelin has a special toy that is cute since I will be seeing it a lot and one that is common enough to be ordered again and again, since MJ's doggy is really doggy # 7!

Also, the last photo shows the new cool chair that Mommom and Pappy bought for Madelin...a Bumbo chair. (This was not out when MJ was little). Madelin LOVES this chair and loves being able to sit up like a Big girl so she can see all that is going on! Thanks Mom and Dad for the chair.

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Anonymous said...

What fun it is for Rebecca and Aunt Mary Ann to be together leaving a comment!

We think that Madelin is very sweet and very cute. We love those eyes. We are rooting for the pink bear, too!