Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Madelin with the Giggles!!!! Watch This!

Here is a video that we took on Sunday. We all went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. After dinner, and a long time of rocking on their front porch, we walked next door to McDonald's to get a drink and some ice cream. While walking over there, Madelin started giggling so hard while Dad was holding her, thankfully I had the camera and captured it...Hearing her laugh is Priceless. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Madelin, Mom Mom loves to hear you laugh and giggle. You are a cutie pie. I love you,
Mom Mom

Rebecca Leger said...

Hearing a child laugh is the best sound in the whole world. Keep up those wonderful giggles, Madelin!!


Anonymous said...

What a cute little giggle. And I can tell how proud Grandpa is.
Grandma Hamerdinger

Anonymous said...

Thanks Madelin for the giggles and the fun!! You are so cute!! I love you very much!!