Monday, July 07, 2008

Learning Time with a White Board

Since Mommom brought MJ a white board and markers, we (all 3 of us) have enjoyed writing on it. It is Michaela's new favorite way to draw and go over her words and numbers. Today, we played some new games with the white board. First, I wrote out 3 words on the board. MJ would say the letters after I wrote them and then sound out each letter of the word. Then, I would ask MJ to erase a particular word, since she LOVES to erase on this board. She did such a great job with this game and got them all right. Today's words were, "cat," "dog," and "stop."

Then MJ had fun drawing on the board. The 2nd picture here shows her Circle that she kept drawing and erasing. (I wrote the word "Circle.") After this, we practiced our numbers. Michaela has been able to count to 20 for some time now. Today, I wanted to make sure that she was able to identify the numbers in print from 1-20. So, I wrote them on the board as she counted and then the fun part...I called out a random number and she had to erase only that number. She LOVED this game and sure enough got them all right. Then, she asked if she could choose a number and have me erase that number. So, we switched. The 1st picture shows our #'s with some of them already erased from the board.

Now that Madelin is on a good schedule and taking set naps, I am able to sit and really work with Michaela again. We both love our time together like this and have a blast hanging out and making learning fun.

Michaela, I am so proud of the smart and sweet girl that you are. I love you so much!!


Anonymous said...

Mj, you are so smart. You are the head of your class. I would quote the year but that is a long way off and to hard to calculate. You go girl, the sky is the limit. I love you,
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow... she knows more already than some of my students that come into kindergarten... She will do well in school, just like her mother :)

Rebecca Leger said...

We love learning time too! I feel that one of the best parts about being a Mom is coming up with activities that are fun while stimulating at the same time. It's great to see families who target early literacy and math skills with their children and it's refreshing to see children who enjoy learning too. I think a love of learning is one of the best gifts you can give to your child. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post with us.