Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Last Tuesday was Mom's Birthday...(I am a little behind on my blogging). We had a great time celebrating her Birthday. Since it was a Tuesday, Michaela invited Mommom to join her and I for a tasty treat at Brew Ha Ha...(MJ and I go to this coffee house every Tuesday after I take her to her Gymboree is Mommy and Michaela only time...we LOVE it.) So, Mommom, MJ, Madie, Pappy, and I enjoyed some coffee and cookies for Mom's special day.

Later that night, we all had cake at my parent's house with Judy and some family friends. Mom, we love you so much.


Anonymous said...

Love this picture! Four beautiful girls. We were thinking about you all day last Tuesday on Mommom's birthday and couldn't wait to see how you celebrated. Just Perfect!
Love to all.

Rebecca Leger said...

Happy birthday, Aunt Melinda. I hope you had a great day with your beautiful daughter & granddaughters!

Lots of Love & Happy Birthday Wishes,