Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Goodbye Cooper

Memories we have from our time with Cooper:

He loved to lay in the sunshine.
As a puppy, he would bark at his own reflection in his silver dog food bowl and scare himself.
He always loved to play with the Big dogs at the Dog Park.
He was a cuddler.
Because of his flat nose, he would (almost every night) push our comforter off our bed in his attempt to get under the covers.
He ate my entire English class notes once...our living room was covered in shredded paper.
He ate the wires to our bedside lamps, (so they did not work anymore)
He knew so many tricks: shake, roll over, spin (jump and spin a 360), sit, stand (up on back 2 legs), jump through a hoop.
He loved to run.
He loved to play with playground or yoga type balls in the yard...he would play so hard that we would have to take the ball away so he wouldn't faint from exhaustion.
We called him "Buddy," "Coopie," and MJ called him "Pooper," then "Too-poo."
As a puppy, he would cock his leg to pee, but poop instead...we laughed so hard at this.
He would howl/"talk" like crazy when we would go to a website that played the sounds of dogs barking. Michaela would laugh so hard at this.
He could jump so high!!
He was Crazy fun and a loving, sweet dog.

Overall, he was a GREAT dog...We miss him and love him dearly.


Anonymous said...


Matt and I are so sorry for your loss. Having just lost Shelby, who was four years old, I can honestly say that I completely understand what you guys are going through. Let us know if there is anything you need. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. WENDY

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness. I am so sorry for all of you.
The pictures are very sweet and your words are special. What a difficult concept for Michaela to understand. I am thinking of you with a heavy heart.

Rebecca Leger said...

This is very, very sad news. I am so sorry for your loss. I know how pets become a member of the family and their loss is devastating. My thoughts are with you all.


Anonymous said...

Oh My, Cooper was such a good dog. I am so sorry to hear that he is gone. What cute pictures of him.My prayers are with all of you.
Grandma Hamerdinger

Anonymous said...

Just want to express my sympathy to you about Cooper. I am so sorry about what has happened. He was a good dog ( a little crazy at times) but we all loved him. Be patient with feelings. Things will again be happy and joyful. The Lord is with you even in the smallest of bad times and takes comfort in your trusting in Him. I love you all and again am so sorry for the loss of a great friend. Love to all Aunt Donna.

Anonymous said...

This is the third time I have written about my Cooper. Guess I have been so upset that I have forgotten to save it correctly. It is hard to type when you are crying. Anyway, I will try again.
I loved Cooper like he was my own dog. Actually he was, my grand dog. I remember seeing his picture on the breeder's website. I don't believe he is the one you guys first had your eye on. I remember seeing this little guy named Squirt because he was the runt. Mick had been the runt also and was a great dog. So, that is why I suggested Squirt to you. He was just so darn cute. Hence came Mini Cooper. Cuz you know we all need M names (don't tell Alfalfa)
I remember the first time you brought him to was cold out and we were afraid he would get sick. Alfalfa loved him and Mick tolerated him. He was so active. I loved the picture you posted of them tugging on the rope. I had forgotten that.
I do remember how he was afraid to eat or drink out of anything shiny, how he could destroy a tennis ball in one minute. How he would sit pretty - one paw up in the air - so he could get a treat. Yes, I always gave him one. I remember how he could catch the popcorn that Dad threw to him. I remember how Los and him would dig big holes in my yard and how both dogs would turn brown with mud and had to have baths. How can we forget Cooper putting his whole head in Los' mouth? Too funny. Remember how he would jump my back fence to play with Dakota and Montana (our neighbors dogs)? Sue got a kick out of it and all the dogs played so well that Cooper was invited over for play dates.
Cooper was my grand dog and I loved having him come to Mom Mom's house and he loved coming here. He loved to sleep in between Dad and I and was a cuddler. I loved when he would climb up on my chest and put his paws around me.
Cooper was a gentle dog. He did not have a mean bone in his body. He was so good with Michaela and allowed her to boss him around. Cooper made friends with everyone and thought everyone was here to play with him.
He was a good dog and I will miss him. I am glad that I got to be his Mom Mom for a little while.
I love you Coooper Pooper.

Unknown said...

Ohhh! I am crying!!!! Never saw this on your blog before! I hope me posting this tonight will not drudge up old feelings of loss. But how sad. Gracie is the only dog I have ever been close to and she is a "runner." I hope when her time here is over I don't fall apart!

UGH! So tough! Such a sweet post!