Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pappy & Madie

We can't wait until next week...then Pappy and Mommom will be able to hang out with us a whole bunch since they will be off from school for the Summer. Michaela and Madelin have so many fun activities for them to join in on:

Walks in the park, trips to the Beach, trips to Lancaster, going to New York, playing in the back yard, going to the park, shopping at the mall...and so much more.


Rebecca Leger said...

How lucky Madelin & Michaela are to have such wonderful grandparents and how lucky Pappy & MomMom are two have two beautiful granddaughters! Enjoy every minute of your time together this summer as you share in so many wonderful experiences together as a family.


Anonymous said...

Hey Madelin, I love your head band. Too cute. I love you,
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

I love summer vacation from school!
I love spending time as a family!
I love all of our family in New Jersey and Delaware!

Enjoy every minute together,
Love, Aunt Mary Ann