Thursday, June 05, 2008

Our 2 Beautiful Girls

You 2 girls are the Best. We Love you both!

Mommy LOVES this picture. You girls are sooooo sweet and adorable. P.S. They are wearing matching outfits in this picture and look way cute in them.


Anonymous said...

You two are the cutest little girls in the whole world. MJ you look just like Mommy and Madelin you look like your Daddy. Two beautiful little girls. I love you,
Mom Mom

Rebecca Leger said...

What a beautiful picture of your two girls. I LOVE it too. They look absolutely adorable in their matching outfits and it look as though they already have such a strong sisterly bond. That is very nice to see too!

Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

This is an adorable picture of two sisters. They are so pretty. Just love being able to see you all, even if just pictures. August is coming soon, so will see you in person then. Love to you all.
Grandmother Hamerdinger

Anonymous said...

Two beautiful sister in two sweet matching outfits. How special for all of us to see. Thanks, for sharing.