Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun at Funland

While we were at Rehoboth, we were sure to spend some time early in the evening at Funland, so MJ could enjoy the rides. It is so fun to take Michaela and Madelin to places that I enjoyed as a child and have so many great memories from. Michaela LOVED Funland this year...Madelin was too little to ride anything, but I am sure she will love it next year! Michaela was very brave and wanted to go on the REALLY fast rides. She even wanted to do some rides for older kids, but we told her she had to wait until she got bigger. Matt and I think that it is so much better to watch MJ on the rides or ride them with her, than it is for us to ride Big Kid rides =)

In this picture, you can see MJ has her hands up while riding the cars with Daddy. She was tall enough to ride this ride, but Mommom was a little nervous because it did go VERY fast....All the better for MJ though, she loved it.

The swings were her favorite by far. She was the youngest child on the swings AND the only child riding it with her arms up! Everyone standing around this ride got a kick out of watching her on this ride.


Rebecca Leger said...

Hi Michaela.
These pictures are GREAT!!! Way to go, Michaela. I have a feeling that you and Grace are very much alike....the faster the better?!? I'm glad you had such a fun time on all the rides. The picture of you on the swing with your arms up is priceless!


Anonymous said...

I just love looking at your happy smile. It was a great day indeed.
I love you,
Mom Mom

martha hamerdinger said...

You people sure do keep busy. Looks like the wedding was fun. And such darling pictures of Michaela and Madeline.!!!!!!!!!