Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Friend's Wedding

This past Friday, Matt and I went to a friend's wedding. I went to middle school with her and we both live here in Delaware. Anyway, Matt and I had a great time dancing and spending time with my childhood friends. (Mom and Dad went too, but they are the ones who took all of the pictures for us =) )

Above is our handsome "dates."
Below is the Bride and Groom with all of us =) Christine, the bride looked beautiful!

I have known most of these girls from pre-k!!! How cool is that. Only one here joined us in middle school and we are so glad she did! Anyway, it is so nice to still hang out with my childhood friends. We all still live in Delaware and get together the first weekend of the month for an always fun evening (our husbands join us as well)....You all are great and I love you. (FYI...some childhood friends are missing since they could not make the wedding.)


Anonymous said...

I love weddings and all the pretty details that go along with the special day. Love the black and white! I'm glad that you have these special friends in your life.
Aunt Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa. You look beautiful in black & white at your friend's wedding. You and Matt make such a stunning couple.


Anonymous said...

I love when we all get dressed up and take pics together... Very nice.... It is wonderful to have those old friends still in your life :)