Thursday, June 05, 2008

1 Little Monkey...


Michaela LOVES to jump on her bed. I love hearing her laugh and giggle every time she does this. Another favorite Michaela thing is to wear a Princess Dress. So, most days she chooses a pretty princess dress to, Thanks Mommom and Pappy for this new one to add to her closet of choices.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela, you look so so cute in this picture. I can just hear you giggling. I know how you love to jump on the bed. Have fun, but be careful.
I love you Peanut,
Mom Mom

Rebecca Leger said...

Hi Michaela. You look like you are having so much fun jumping on your bed. I would like to do that too!!! I love seeing your big beautiful smile. :) You also look very pretty in your new dress. You are a princess!

We love you,
Bob, Rebecca, & Grace