Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our Saturday

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What a fun day! We started by taking Mommom to a pottery painting place to make a plate for all of the cookies that she is going to bake with MJ and Madie. It says "Mommom Makes Life Sweeter". This was her Mother's Day present...a special plate to use during their special baking times together. We'll upload pictures of the finished product when we get it back.

After this, Matt and I took the girls to the Wilmington Flower Market for some rides and shopping. As we were leaving, and since it was the last day of the market and at closing time, one merchant gave us free cupcakes. Michaela enjoyed the rides, but mostly enjoyed jumping "weely high". It was so much fun watching her smile and laugh.

The day ended with a trip to Blockbuster and a movie night at home. We watched "Enchanted" and enjoyed it a lot.


Rebecca Leger said...

Hi Matt, Meliisa, Michaela, & Madelin.

This sounds like a perfect day from beginning to end! We are so impressed with how high you jumped, Michaela. That ride looks like it was sooooooo much fun. Madelin looks as cute as ever. Thank you for sharing your Saturday with us. We really enjoy looking at all of your pictures and watching your two beautiful girls grow.

Lots of Love,
Bob & Rebecca

P.S. Happy Mother's Day, Melissa. You have lots to celebrate - you are a terrific mother with two amazing daughters and you have a fabulous Mom too! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Mother's Day!
What fun that you had. The plate is a great way to celebrate Mommom and her beautiful Granddaughters. Michaela's jumping was stunning! I love it! There is nothing like these special moments in our lives.
Happy Mother's Day to Melissa with her two little and beautiful daughters! Happy Mother's Day to Melinda with her two children and now with her two sensational Granddaughters! You were all in my thoughts all day and every day.
Love to All Always