Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Growing Baby Madelin

Our sweet little one is showing more personality every day and we are LOVING it. She LOVES to "talk" when you change her diaper. She looks at you, smiles, and then concentrates so hard to converse with you...so far, I understand that she is saying "Hi" back to me! (at least that is what I get from what she says, plus I am saying "HI" to her. ) She makes changing her diapers such a delight =)
In this picture with my silly "Mommy talking" face in the background =) Madelin is showing off how well she can hold her head up. She really is very strong and good at this. Her name means "Strong Tower" and since she was born, she has portrayed this quality. The picture below is a close up of her...she is in the 90th % for both height and weight.
Madelin, your 1st 6 weeks have been great. We pray that you will always have Strength to do what is right, to love God and live for Him. We love you.

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Jen said...

How cute is she. She does look big. My baby just turned 6 months...kinda makes me a little sad. I can tell she is getting ready to move and grove. Surprisingly enough, I have had to become even more laid back with this one, AHHH!