Monday, May 26, 2008

No More Pictures, I'm Hungry!!

Last night, Mommy and Madelin were having fun with the camera...

After many pictures, Madelin tells Mommy, "I'm hungry...let's eat."

Below Madelin is saying, "Look, I am tired of asking nicely. Put away the camera & feed me!"

Hence, no more pictures =) Time to eat.


Anonymous said...

I want to meet her so badly!! Give my beauties tons of kisses from Auntie Kim!! I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute, When you put Madelin's face and yours together it really hit me how much she looks like Matt. I had never seen it before. I do think her eyes will be brown soon. I love you squirt,
Mom Mom

Jen said...

Yall are too cute! Matt told me that she is starting to sleep 6 hours at night! Woohoo! It only gets better. Enjoy every day because pretty soon they are going to kindergarten...I can not believe Logan is, but he so is. I do not know where the time went.