Monday, May 05, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Michaela loves to play "Mommy." She takes great care of her baby dolls. The other night, MJ asked Matt to help her put a real diaper on her babydoll. (which you can see in this picture). She was so excited about this. After this, we all headed upstairs to get settled down. MJ got up there a little before us, and when we saw her, she was sitting in a chair that I nurse in a lot of the time, and she was nursing her baby...She had her shirt up and the baby in a real nursing position. We asked her what she was doing and she replied, "Feeding my baby, like Mommy feeds Madelin."

(This really reminded me of how observant children are and how they will do what they see you do...I pray that I will be a good example for my girls to follow.)

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Jen said...

It is ironic how they catch on so quick! I'm sure this will only be the first of many monkey see, monkey do's. Your family is beautiful!