Thursday, April 03, 2008

One Week Old

Here is our sweet girl on her One Week Birthday. While our nights and days have been long with many feedings, it is hard to believe that a whole week has already gone by. Madelin is a sweet girl who likes to cuddle. She also likes to listen to Michaela talk to her. Michaela is so great with Madelin...she always likes to be involved and bring her Baby Sister a blanket or stuffed animal. Tonight, we quietly listened while Michaela knelt beside Madelin, who was sitting in her bouncy chair, and pointed out ever so gently her eyes, mouth, ears, cheeks, chin, and such. It was very sweet to watch. Matt and I feel so blessed to have these two beautiful daughters.


Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Hope you are all doing well. I love the pictures of the 2 sisters together. Grandmother Hamerdinger

Anonymous said...

Two perfectly beautiful girls! What a special relationship they will experience forever. I just love it. The picture of Michaela and Madelin brings tears to my happy eyes.
I can imagine that life for you this week has been a little different, but besides being real tired, isn't it so much fun!? Take a deep breath and enjoy every moment because it goes by sooo quickly. Rest when you can and love always.
Aunt Mary Ann

Post More and More pictures whenever you can. We Love seeing them!

Anonymous said...

Dear Melissa & Matt,

You have such BEAUTIFUL daughters. Madelin looks like a perfect little doll & Michaela is just as beautiful as ever holding her baby sister. Happy 1 week birthday, Madelin!

We Love You All,
Rebecca & Grace

Ariel said...

You are so blessed...congratulations! We are expecting #2 this fall, and will probably need some advice in adjusting to two children! Get some sleep...we are thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Melissa and Matt! Congratulations! What a beautiful baby. Blessings to you both.