Sunday, December 16, 2007

You have to watch this!

It may take a minute to load, but well worth the wait.

Click Here

The Ousdahls


Anonymous said...

I think that this is the cutest, funniest and sweetest video ever!
I just love the way Matt is grooving, Melissa is rocking, Michaela is shaking and Cooper is sooo beyond cute!!
I cannot stop watching this over and over!
You all take the hustle and bustle out of Christmas. Love to All,
A Really Enjoying, Aunt Mary Ann

PS-I am home again, today on a snow-day from school. That makes #2 for this year--and it is still December! I guess that means a very snowy winter up here in Vermont!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you Ousdahls sure do know how to move!!! We want to teach our cats how to dance like Cooper. Thanks for sharing this fun video with us and for putting a smile on all our faces. :)

Lots of Love,
Rebecca & Grace

Unknown said...

Hi, I Love it. Can yall teach me those dance moves. It was great.
Love ya,
Aunt Judy

Unknown said...

Hi, Matt! Your Family looks great! I can't believe I haven't seen you for 10 years. I would ask how things are on your end but I got the update from your blog/webpage. Give me your email so I can give you an update with what's going with me and stay in touch.

David Gingerich