Thursday, December 20, 2007

Transition to a Big Girl's Bed

We have started the process of transitioning Michaela to a Big Girl's Bed. We first started the transition by talking to her about sleeping in a bed like Mommy and Daddy's. I really think that these conversations have helped to prepare her. Today, like so many days, she did not want to take a nap. However, today, I could tell that she was very tired, so I asked if she would like to nap in the Big Girl's bed that we have set up in our office (soon to be for our Baby Girl # 2). She was so excited and fell asleep easily with a smile on her face. So, while the Big Girl's bed is still in the office, we have made another small step towards getting her accustomed to sleeping in it, so we will have the crib come March. (or whenever this darling, active girl decides to arrive.) Anyway, I just had to take a picture of MJ sleeping for the 1st time in a Big Girl's Bed. After the holidays, we will probably put this bed in her room, since she is so excited about it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Mj looks so grown up here. I love the long hair. It seems just like yesterday that Pappy and I were buying this bed for Melissa. Time flies. We love you guys.
Mom (Mom Mom)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela. You are getting SO BIG. You look like a sleeping angel in your big girl bed. It is very special that you are sleeping the the very same bed that your Mommy did when she was a little girl too! We wish you the sweetest of dreams as you make the transition to your new bed.

We love you,
Bob, Rebecca, & Grace

Anonymous said... seems like you were just a baby and now you are such a big girl, Michaela. You look so cute in your bed. I think that you will be such a great BIG sister!
LOVE, Aunt Mary Ann

PS-Tell Mommy and Daddy that I love the counter!