Monday, December 03, 2007

MJ's Sentences

Michaela is doing such a great job with developing her sentences. Her typical sentence is 4-5 words. She uses these all the time. For instance, she says:
"I need help, Mommy."
"I broke the light, Mommy."
"Oh no. I need help please."
"No, I love you more."
"More apple juice please."

This past month, she has started making sentences that are longer than the 4-5 ones. Here are a few examples of these:
"I don't want to go Night-night right now."
"I saw the silly bee movie with Mommom and Pappy." (10 words)
"I saw Mommom and Pappy last night."
"Daddy, see the lights on the tree."

These are only a few examples to show that she is talking a lot and when communicating with her, it is surprising to think that she is only 2 years and 2 months.


Anonymous said...

She really is the smartest two year old I have ever seen (not that I am biased or anything). I have been around so many little kids teaching and working in nursery and MJ is by far the smartest. She is also so pretty too and has such a great sense of humor.
I love you Peanut,
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

You've got it all Michaela ~ you are so very smart and so very pretty too! We absolutely love smart girls who love to learn!!

Lots of Love,
Rebecca & Grace

Anonymous said...

Dear Michaela,
You are the smartest 2 year old that we know, too! You are such a bright little girl with a wonderful family that only adds to your special life! Lucky Michaela and lucky family.
We Love You.

meg said...

I hope she doesn't say "I broke the light, Mommy" too often! ;-) I miss you all. Michaela is too cute for words.

I appreciate you guys keeping up with your blog so I can see a glimpse of what's going on... unlike myself. I guess Im just not that interesting! Let's hope Michaela never learns to say that ;-)

Keep it up MJ!