Saturday, December 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Pappy!

Press play to watch the video!

Happy Birthday Pappy! From, Michaela


Anonymous said...

Oh my, gosh!!
That is such a cute, cute song for Pappy! Michaela, what an outstanding job. I'm very sure that Pappy never heard a more beautiful song in his whole life.
How lucky he is to have you for a granddaughter.....not only on his birthday but EVERY DAY!
So Much Love,
Aunt Mary Ann


Anonymous said...

That sweet baby!! I love you soooooo much!! You made me cry...because you are my little sweety heart!! Michaela, I hope that I can save this forever!!

Love, more than you will ever know!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela. This posting is soooooo sweet! I'm sure this is the best birthday gift your Pappy has ever received. We love you and your beautiful singing voice!

Bob, Rebecca, & Grace

P.S. Happy, happy birthday Uncle Mike!

Anonymous said...

I just love hearing you sing. You are cutest peanut I have ever met. I love you,
Mom Mom

Unknown said...

Michaela, this song is precious. i could listen to it all day.
I Love you Sunshine
Aunt Judy

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I'll bet that melted Pappys heart.